Team McCulloch

"Our family 'Team McCulloch ' first discovered TREC in 2014 when our local equestrian centre had an event. I rode at the centre so decided to give TREC PTV a go on one of the school horses and I instantly loved it!
Fast forward to 2015 and Team McCulloch grew with the addition of a Horse and a Pony.
Magical memories have been made for us whilst watching our twin Daughters thoroughly glow when they compete at TREC  with their beloved veteran pony Snoopy (age 27).
TREC gives them the perfect opportunity to grow in confidence with Snoopy both when ridden and on the ground whilst developing and enhancing a strong unbreakable bond with him.
One of the best things about TREC is that you can have utterly fantastic fun with your horse or pony regardless of your skill level!
We have all enjoyed competing as a family at various times over the last few years and my Husband and I have always been beaten by our 7 year old Daughters haha!
True family fun that provides great opportunities to learn and develop new skills with your horse/pony that can be applied to all other disciplines, whether your a happy hacker or a dressage diva."

Dorothy Still


Highest placed GB rider at the World TREC Championships 2016 in Segovia, Spain

Anything is possible in Trec. I started out 8 years ago in level 1 with my lovely big horse Max. I was introduced to Trec by a friend who suggested I went to a training event. I was hooked. I had never done any map work before,nor obstacles, but loved the challenge of it. Fast forward 8 years and I have just returned from the Trec World Championships in Segovia in Spain, where I had an amazing experience coming 13th with my fab wee horse Wahiki. This is the third time I have been selected to ride for Team GB, and is definitely the most memorable….. so far.It was a complete honour to be competing for my country and as well as the GB flag, we had the stables festooned with Scottish bunting. I would love to see more Scottish riders trying for Team GB and I know we have the talent. It takes hard work and dedication and a bit of luck too. From Level 1 to level 4 International, the sport accommodates everyone and what other sport has such a diverse range of ponies/horse, from Shetlands to Clydesdales and everything in between.

Sheila Watson

Level 4 2016 GB TREC Champion

You don’t need to own a horse to compete in TREC. I rode hired ponies and horses for several seasons, and now have my own handsome Welsh Section D, Eldrick Redoubt, aka Cricket. The challenge of the orienteering day (POR) is what I really love, and Cricket likes the second day obstacles (PTV). However, his wonderful Welsh Cob enthusiasm means our scores are usually fairly rubbish !


This year, 2016, down in the plains of Suffolk, we managed to win the British Championships at the top level 4 – which was quite a coup as the British team were out in force, AND we didn’t attempt any of the jumps on the PTV course. There’s another great thing about TREC – any obstacle you don’t fancy – you just leave it out, and obviously score zero for it. To compensate you must brush up on the other sections. We also scooped the Summer League title for Level 4 for good measure.


To top his season, Cricket went with the British team to Segovia just north of Madrid in Spain for Lynn Davies from Wales to compete in the World Championships, her horse having gone lame. Temperatures of 38˚c are not what a dark Scottish Welsh Cob is used to ! But they coped and completed…. sound and happy….result !

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